Summer is around the corner, which means loooong days in the sun, pool chlorine, and beach. Even though summer is the best season for fun and relaxation, these long summer days do take a toll on your hair and skin. One of the best remedies for natural rejuvenation to skin and hair is natural coconut oil.  

Coconut Oil’s Beauty Benefits:

To Grow Eyelashes

I wondered why I kept getting so many compliments on my eyelashes — until I realized I was incorporating coconut oil in my nightly routine. Forget eyelash extensions! 

For anything living to grow, it needs water. Growing eyelashes need moisture, which is why coconut oil is an extremely moisturizing alternative. With nightly application, lashes become more flexible, longer, and thicker.

To apply: Massage the oil until it liquifies in your hands. Use your ring finger to softly massage it on the top of the lash line and close to the upper waterline. Leave overnight.

Tip: vitamin e, olive oil, and coconut oil mixed together can create a great serum for eyelash growth.

As a Natural Makeup Remover

Well I found out this tip when I had run out of all my makeup wipes. After using the coconut oil, I wondered why I hadn’t known this sooner! The makeup literally slides off your face.

You will be surprised at how little you have to work to take your makeup off; there’s no tugging of skin, especially around the eyes.

To apply: Rub on hands to liquify. Begin rubbing in circular motions on the face, starting from the top of the face to the chin. Work in sections of the face (because it can get pretty messy.

Tip: When applying to eyes, use the ring finger for a softer touch. Take a warm, wet towel to remove the excess makeup. 

Moisturizing Hair Mask

Surprisingly, some summer activities can be damaging to your hair: the sun, chlorine, salt water can be pretty drying for your hair. Once a month, try out the coconut oil hair mask for rejuvenation.

To apply: Put a large chunk of coconut oil in a bowl. Microwave it from a solid to liquid state (do not overdo it). CHECK THE TEMPERATURE OF COCONUT OIL BEFORE YOU APPLY TO YOUR HAIR. Begin to rub the liquid oil into the scalp and work your way down to the tips of your hair.

Tip: For overnight treatment, use a towel hair wrap!




Comment below other ways you use coconut oil in your beauty routine!