My Skincare Routine

Is it me or are skincare routines kind of confusing? From the numerous amount of products to choose from to what “skin-type” you are. It has taken me a good year to really come up with a good skin care routine that works best for my combination skin. I hope my suggestions help you find your way to what works best for you!

Step 1: Coconut Oil. It has become a running joke between my friends and I that coconut oil cures everything. Since I dance and perform a lot, I am constantly caked in a full face of makeup. I have tried almost every wipe and makeup remover, but nothing has seemed to work as well as this. I started using coconut oil one day when I ran out of all my makeup remover wipes; I soon realized how much better it worked! This is such a natural way to remove the products from your face. It really glides off! Plus, if you like to wear fake eyelashes, coconut oil prevents from the fake lashes pulling out your natural lashes and also helps your real eyelashes grow!

Step 2: CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser. This cleanser is perfect for my skin type. I really like this brand because they have multiple and specific products for certain skin types. Over the summer, I had really bad scarring in my face because of sun exposure and touching my face (never touch or pick at your face!!!) So after purchasing this product, I am now looking into buying CeraVe Rough and Bumpy Skin Cleanser. Tip: wash your face twice a day for best results!

Step 3: Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel.  Witch Hazel is very natural and is extracted from a plant. This is my first time using a toner in a while, but I feel like toner’s are really essential to get all the gunk off your face that the cleanser didn’t get. I will usually use a flat cotton ball and rub in circular motions on my face. Since using this product, I feel like my acne inflation on my cheeks has really gone down and evened out. Tip: apply to your face twice a day for best results!

Step 4: CeraVe Day Cream or Night Cream.  In the past, I would never moisturize because my skin was super oily. But this is one of the biggest mistakes I could make! Always wear day-cream moisturizer with SPF of at least 30. The reason I got my scarring on my face was from no SPF and sun exposure. This product is great because the moisturizer feels very light on my face. For the night cream, it is thicker and gives my face more hydration while I sleep.

Step 5: CeraVe Eye Cream. Why on earth would I need this when I am only 20? Eye cream is preventative! Girl, you already know I am trying to have that graceful aging (AKA: Milf). I apply the eye cream in dots around my eyes both in the morning and at night.


Pro Tip: DRINK lots of WATER!!!

I hope these tips help you find out what works best for your skin type!

XO, Brie