January. The month that people typically take time to reflect and commit to changing their lives. Or the only month that every machine at the gym is taken. Instead of going full force for the first two weeks of January, make daily small changes in your resolutions and a revolution in your life will occur.


Keep in mind to:

Do things everyday that scare you. Doing this blog post really scares me. Being judged by others scares me. Traveling scares me. College scares me. But I can’t live my life in fear. I will never grow or see the beauty if I don’t do things that scare me. Write down all the things that scare you and make a conscious effort to overcome those things.

Stop waiting to do the things you want. No excuses. Yes, it is going to be hard work. Although this is a good time to change, grow, and reflect, do not waste time because of fear of failure and making excuses.

Care less about others’ judgements of you. Trust me, I am always working on this one. Believe it or not, I have realized people really don’t care as much as you think. Everyone has their own goals and dreams to achieve.  And if they do judge, they need to have less free time. It’s your life and your dream, not theirs. Don’t let their opinions and small minds dictate what you do in your life. Take control of what you want.

Meditate at least 5 mins daily.  Meditation really centers a person. Sit somewhere quiet or outside. Repeat a word or phrase to get in the zone. The phrase I repeat is “you are loved”.

Do something out of your comfort zone. Never stop growing or showing acts of kindness. Sit somewhere you wouldn’t normally. Talk to strangers in your class. Buy someone a cup of coffee waiting behind you in line.

Make time for the ones you love. This will make you realize the opinions of others are so insignificant. The ones you love will always be there for you. Make an effort to do nice things for them to show them how much you appreciate their love and support.

Be positive and grateful. Take everyday as something precious. Because it really is.


How to execute those goals:

Make a dream board. Draw or print pictures of your dreams. Slap that construction paper and Modge Podge on your board! The dream board doesn’t have to be just within the year, but your ultimate life goals. Envision yourself as if you already accomplished your goals. You might think that you seem crazy or childish doing this, but it really works and puts that good energy into the universe.

Set short term goals for a broader goal. Having a planner will help tremendously. Make a “syllabus” for your goals and set deadlines. Writing down deadlines for your goals will make it seem more real.

Do things that make you feel confident. It isn’t selfish to invest in things that make you feel confident. Girl, get your nails done. Get that spray tan. Buy a lipstick you’ve really wanted. Or even do something spiritual that makes you feel confident. Take care of yourself.

Make your bed. This prevents you from being lazy and getting back in the warm and cozy bed. But by doing this, you also start your day off productive!

Work out. Even if it is 20 minutes. Make it fun. Have a dance party. Go to trampoline spot. Or take a class at your gym! Once you make your goals something fun, they become less of a chore. And you do it more!

Listen to music that makes you productive. Or music that makes you feel like a boss…  For me, it’s Reggaeton music! I have no idea what they are saying in it, but I fosho vibe with it.

Look at daily aspirations. Post them around home. I love sticky notes! They got your back and give you compliments when others fall through (kind of like the starfish earrings in Aquamarine). Tell yourself you are loved, beautiful, and kind on these notes.


And remember, dreams don’t work unless you do.  This year, don’t just set resolutions, create a revolution.


XO, Brie