Bloating after the Holidays? Or feeling just plain lethargic and tired? These symptoms are a physical reward that you did the Holidays right!

I know how hard it can be to get back into the swing of things. Before I had these personal tips, I never knew what helped stop bloating for me. Although you currently may be in a food coma (like I currently am), here are my tips to get yourself out of this post-holiday slump!


  1. Ginger Kombucha. I know what you’re thinking. Not another trendy millennial hippie at it again. But it honestly works! Ginger has been used for stomach problems since ancient times. The ginger helps to settle the stomach and has probiotics which help the digestive tract. When I had food poisoning a few weeks ago, ginger kombucha really saved me! It helped me cleanse the toxins that were in my system and helped me get over my sickness quicker.
  2. Green tea with honey. Other than being really good for you, green tea is such a good digestive drink! Instead of picking up soda (which adds to the bloating process), warm up some water and make green tea! I really love drinking caffeine-free green tea before I go to bed. When I drink it at night, I realize I digest my food better while I am sleeping (& have a flat “morning” tummy)!
  3. Kale smoothie with Chia seeds. I usually have this for breakfast in the morning. It is super light and yummy, but it also keeps me full all morning! I will usually add frozen mangos, frozen bananas, and coconut water or almond milk as my liquid base. I add the chia or flax seeds to it to increase my fiber intake, which helps you… ya know… better. I cut out the thicker stems of the kale and will even add one date to make it less bitter!
  4. Water with lemon & lime. This is really basic, but it is essential! Plus, it will make you feel fancy since you dazzled up your water.
  5. Siggis Icelandic-style Yogurt. Yogurt is a really good form of protein and has probiotics in it. The brand Siggis may taste a little sour at first, but it is one of the best yogurts with the least ingredients that I have found! To make it sweeter, I will add raspberries and some dark chocolate granola. Mmmmm…


PRO TIP: If I am feeling bloated, I will also usually stay away from bread and white carbs for a few days.


This is all based on my experience and what works for me. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on tips I should try!


XO, Brie