Tabeeze - Video Content Creation Package

Tabeeze – Video Content Creation Package


What’s Included:

  1. Strategy Development

    • Content Review: Assessing existing videos to select the best 6-7 for further development.

    • New Concepts: Creating 3-4 new video prompts tailored to your specific needs and audience.  Scripting and planning for new vertical videos.

    • Initial Consultation: Reviewing concepts on call to discuss any before editing.

  2. Video Production

    • Filming Guidance: Tips and instructions for filming high-quality content for the 3-4 concepts to film.

  3. Video Editing

    • Professional Editing: Enhancing all selected and new videos with professional editing, including:

      • Cutting and trimming footage for conciseness.

      • Adding text overlays, audio/music, and transitions.

      • Incorporating brand-specific elements and graphics if necessary.

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