Alaska, known for its serene mountains, crystal waters, and beautiful wildlife, should be on everyone’s bucket list. After spending about two months living there, I have found a few favorite spots! If you are traveling there soon, definitely look into these beautiful Alaska destinations.

Top Things to Do:


Denali, also once known as Mount McKinley, is home of the tallest mountain in North America! This is the one of the most famous places to see in Alaska because of its scenic route. The route is 92 miles long and can be traveled by bus tour; however, bus routes are only available in summer.

Thunderbird Falls

If you love to hike, Thunderbird Falls is the place for you! It is about a 25 minute trail that leads up to a stunning waterfall. During the summertime, Thunderbird Falls is filled with luscious trees that tower over the trail.

Reindeer Farm

Because who doesn’t love cute reindeer? That’s right. When Santa needs his reindeer, he goes to the Reindeer Farm in Palmer, Alaska. This hour tour includes a feeding, petting, and interacting with the Reindeer. Also included in the tour is seeing bunnies, elk, a pig, a moose, a baby yak, and a bison.

Matanuska Glacier

The glacier is a beautiful sight to see. This tour is about four hours, and includes a once-in-a-lifetime hike on the Matanuska Glacier. Surprisingly, the ice in the glacier reflects a deep beautiful blue color because of the way the light reflects. It is a very cold and slippery hike, so it is important to bring hiking boots and hiking sticks with you.

The Independence Mine

Independence Mine, located in Hatcher Pass, is a historic and scenic spot for those who like to learn when traveling somewhere. It was quite cool to see the site and all the rubble that was once used to mine gold during Alaska’s early history.  

Top Things to Eat: 

Snow City Cafe

BEST ALASKA FOOD EVER! I recommend Snow City Cafe for travelers that have a flight arriving in Anchorage, Alaska. I suggest making reservations because it can get pretty busy! Also a heads up that it closes weekdays at three in the afternoon!

SteamDot / Palmer Coffee Co.

If coffee is life for you (like it is for me), Palmer Coffee Co. is the best. I am not kidding when I say I dreamt about this coffee for a year after visiting Alaska… I like to be surprised and get the Special coffee. Tip — bring your own cup to get money off!

Kava’s Pancake House

Although located in Anchorage, Kava’s Pancake House has a tropical Hawaiian flair! I suggest getting something sweet ( Rainbow French Toast — my fav) and something salty (Chicken Fiesta Skillet). Breakfast anytime is always a good idea!  

Noisy Goose

Noisy Goose was one of my favorite breakfast restaurants in Palmer, Alaska. It is good, hearty food that sticks with you all day. Tip — One of the skillet breakfasts usually feed about two people!

What to Bring!

Since I live in Florida, I found it pretty difficult to pack for chillier summer weather. Here are just a few essential items you need before you leave to Alaska!

Leave a comment below on which destination you want to go to!